Prevention, prophylaxis, children

Professional dental cleaning

Prophylaxis - Beckenhof Dental Practice - ZurichTooth loss is no longer a given nowadays. Prophylaxis in the form of an individual and systematic programme of preventive measures can preserve your beautiful healthy teeth for life.

A prophylaxis session always includes professional cleaning and enamel hardening. It also includes gum(line) hygiene, advice on the correct healthy diet and valuable tips on improving oral hygiene. The team at Beckenhof Dental Practice in Zurich will also gladly demonstrate for you how to use an electric toothbrush or tongue brush.

The programme on the individual prophylaxis will be adjusted with you to suit your personal needs. Our prophylaxis team will also be glad to advise you if you have problems of bad breath. We can show you certain critical areas on teeth directly via our intramural cameras and monitors on the dental chair.


Children's treatment

Children's treatmentOur team can advise you from a dental perspective and you will find we are also committed parents. The initial consultation is for getting to know one another. After a thorough examination, we compile an individual plan of treatment and preventive measures. At the same time, we do not forget that this mouth belongs to a young person. We look at tooth substance, position of teeth, gums, oral mucosa and tooth development. We will explain our approach in detail and will gladly answer any questions.

The first visit to the dentist ideally takes place when the first tooth erupts. Milk teeth and adolescent permanent (adult) teeth have not yet grown, and they need particularly sensitive treatment. We treat toddlers, children, adolescents to the age of 18 and expectant mothers – with healthy teeth or suffering from caries. Children are born with a healthy oral cavity and we along with the parents would like to preserve this.


Individual prophylaxis for children 

Individual prophylaxis for childrenWe take a particular long time over our young patients. Our aim is primarily to prevent the occurence of caries from the outset with individual prophylaxis measures. If "Karius and Bactus" nevertheless strike, treatment will be carried out in a relaxed and playful atmosphere.

In the case of patients over the age of 18 with statutory health insurance all preventive measures must be paid for privately by the patient. However, in the case of children and adolescents from the age of 6 to the age-limit mentioned above, at least some measures are covered by the statutory health funds. Our individual prophylaxis (IP) includes:

  • Detailed checkup of the oral hygiene situation half-yearly from the age of 6
  • Detailed advice on oral hygiene half-yearly from the age of 6
  • Fluoride varnish application half-yearly from the age of 3, and also quarter-yearly with an increased risk of caries
  • Fissure sealing of the 1st and 2nd adult molars upon tooth eruption
  • All other measures explained in the adult category must be paid for privately, even in the case of children with statutory health insurance.
  • The exception in the dental suite is the fluoride varnish application — this will also be carried out quarter-yearly on all our children and adolescents, who regularly come for a quarter-yearly checkup, irrespective of the relevant chargeability.