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ImplantsAn implant is typically a titanium or porcelain screw. Missing teeth can be replaced with implants. An implant is inserted into the jawbone with surgery, where it serves as a replace-ment for a lost tooth root. A denture, for example, a crown or bridge is then attached to this so-called artificial abutment.

With implant technology it is possible to

  • replace a single tooth,
  • fill a gap (two or more teeth),
  • fill out a shortened row of teeth,
  • cater for a totally toothless jaw.

An implant solution for a single tooth replacement has the advantage that neighbouring healthy teeth do not need to be ground down – which considerably improves the long-term prognosis for these teeth. In addition, implant-supported bridges or dentures generally guarantee better chewing function. Patients usual feel very secure with implant treatment since dental restoration of this kind typically feels like their own teeth.

Modern implant treatment began around 40 years ago. Back then, implants were inserted in particular in patients with toothless lower jaws. Nowadays, around 90,000 dental implants are inserted per year in Switzerland.




Implants - Beckenhof Dental Practice - Zurich"Often, you only start to appreciate something when it's gone". This can also be said to apply to teeth. Their loss – for whatever reason, usually feels as if your life has undergone a drastic change. At that moment, you become aware of how important teeth actually are for personal charisma. Teeth represent an immediately visible "calling card". Charisma and appearance are nowadays regarded as crucial factors in terms of an individual person's social skills. Connections with private and professional success are obvious and proven. Teeth are felt to be an integral part of an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious facial expression.

With implants it is possible to permanently replace teeth and their roots. The bone grows around the small artificial titanium tooth roots, which produce successful results. For over 40 years, tooth implants have offered the possibility for long-term complete tooth replacement. They have been tried and tested longterm and have shown the best possible results. All queries on implant treatment can be answered in our practice .






DenturesDespite the best intentions in terms of wanting to preserve teeth, nowadays we cannot do without prosthetics (dentures). Irrespective of whether one or more teeth are being replaced, we naturally pay the greatest attention to both the "red" (gums) and "white" (teeth) so that together they have a pleasing look.

The approach of Beckenhof Dental Practice in Zurich is to produce durable fixed dentures with supreme comfort for every individual. The practice team has many years of experience in overall planning and restoration. We always offer the individually best possible solutions with their alternatives. We place high demands on dental technology so that only high-quality materials and technologies are used in our practice. One sign of stability and satisfaction is that we have many years of experience based on close collaboration with our dental laboratory. This is also very important for fulfilling warranties and for your safety and security.

Digital images with a special camera facilitate (image) communication with the dental technician, so that the teeth are always individually designed and perfectly adjusted to fit you.



Dental Laboratory



Dental LaboratoryClose collaboration with the dental laboratory means that Beckenhof Dental Practice in Zurich is in a position in many cases to help you quickly and easily. Small or sometimes even large repairs, e.g to dentures, can often be carried out within a day. Relining or extending existing dentures are not a problem. Thanks to state of the art diagnostics and proximity to the dental laboratory, our team can adjust even a full set of dentures to fit your jaw proportions.

The crowns, bridges and dentures are produced in accordance with the highest standards and will be ready within a few days. The shape and colour scheme of your denture can be exactly determined and if necessary immediately corrected during production. The denture can be anchored to implants very accurately and with the close collaboration of the dental technicians. Thanks to state of the art technical equipment, the wishes of our patients can be implemented easily and promptly.

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