Plastic and all-ceramic fillings and dentures

Fillings and restoration - Beckenhof Dental Practice - ZurichFunctionality and appearance play a significant role, especially in the visible area of the mouth, in particular when laughing and speaking.

If you attach great importance to aesthetic, strong white teeth, there is no alternative to all-ceramic materials. Instead of being golden or even amalgam grey, your teeth will dazzle with all-ceramic fillings or dentures (restorations) in natural and aesthetic white. The all-ceramic structure is similar to tooth enamel, unlike other material in dentistry; it is slightly transparent, and light can penetrate into the deeper layers of the teeth as well.

Nowadays, however, thanks to new and high-quality all-ceramic materials, in many cases even all-ceramic bridges can be manufactured. Visually, these blend in perfectly with the row of teeth and the effect is one of natural beauty. All-ceramic fillings or dentures cannot be detected, even by a trained eye. The transition from dental crown to gum always remains invisible.

All-ceramic, metal-free restorations adapt more perfectly to your own teeth. Our team specialises in plastic and all-ceramic tooth-coloured fillings and tooth-coloured restorations, so that you can have a dazzling smile without worrying.


Bleaching (tooth whitening)

BleachingEven healthy teeth can become discoloured with time, for example as a result of the consumption of coffee, tea or red wine, or from smoking. This discolouration often cannot be removed completely by normal brushing of the teeth. Bleaching (or tooth whitening) is possible in many cases. However, the overall structure of the teeth must be good. Whether tooth whitening is advisable will be apparent from a thorough examination.

With many years of experience, the dental suite team will gladly help you to achieve a dazzling white smile. The Dental Suite name stands for exacting demands and for a natural white healthy smile. You will be impressed by the gentle and very effective tooth whitening concept we have specially selected for you.

We would like to invite you to a no-obligation consultation to talk about your wishes with regard to the colour of your teeth. Because your smile is worth it!


Veneers (porcelain veneers)

Veneers (porcelain veneers)Discoloured, distorted or chipped teeth in the front tooth region can be corrected with porcelain veneers, so that the natural tooth is preserved and a natural look is restored.

Veneers are wafer-thin translucent porcelain shells in the natural tooth colour, which are attached to the tooth (similar to an artificial nail). This saves valuable healthy tooth substance. The veneers adhere securely and permanently to tooth enamel by means of a special dental adhesive. Veneers are particularly suitable for cosmetic correction of one or more front teeth in terms of shape, position or colour. With tooth whitening (bleaching), only the colour of the tooth is changed. The production of veneers is possible if there are other annoying problems (besides the colour) that need to be remedied.

Veneers are very thin all-ceramic shells, which are made indirectly by a dental technician in a dental laboratory  after an impression of the teeth has been taken. The advantage of veneers compared with crowns is that there is a massive saving of the patient's own dental material.


Tooth jewellery

Tooth jewelleryNowadays it is even possible to apply fashion accessories to teeth or somewhere in the mouth. There are the relatively harmless precious gems and stickers for your teeth, and also piercings which must be considered a very critical issue.

Tooth jewellery, such as precious gems, diamonds or wafer-thin designs (tattoos) made of  high-carat gold foil, can be glued to the teeth by the team at Beckenhof Dental Practice. For this purpose the surface of the tooth is roughened a little, but without damaging the enamel. Then a special medical adhesive is used to attach the piece of jewellery to the tooth. It is moreover easy to remove the gem leaving no residue or trace of glue on the tooth. Another option consists of incorporating rhinestones or coloured inlays into crowns and other restoration components.

We can also cater for variety; there are ready-made attachments with ready-made designs, which are simply attached, for example, for a visit to a disco. This type of tooth jewellery is customised in the Beckenhof Dental Practice in close collaboration with the dental laboratory. These gems are completely harmless since they are only used temporarily and do not form any permanent bond with the tooth.

Caution: Piercings in the mouth cause tooth decay! Tooth jewellery, unlike piercings, is unproblematic, which is why there continues to be a rising trend towards individual tooth jewellery.


Amalgam restoration

AmalgamIn the past, amalgam was the standard filling material for dental defects. Although hardly any more amalgam fillings are made nowadays, it is astonishing how often and in how many mouths they can still be seen.

From a biological dentistry perspective, amalgam fillings with their constant release of mercury should always be perceived to be a source of danger to health that must always be taken seriously. Old and heavily corroded amalgam fillings are particularly dangerous since they mostly release mercury compounds that are harmful to health. The biological effects of mercury are known nowadays:


  • Enzyme blocks with consequent metabolic inertia, lack of energy, chronic fatigue and bio-accumulation.
  • Suppression of trace elements such as zinc, selenium, copper, manganese and molybdenum. As a result, our detoxification process becomes inactivated.
  • Allergies, autoimmune diseases and a generally increased propensity to infection.

Amalgam restoration means removal of amalgam fillings and replacement with plastic or porcelain fillings, so-called porcelain inlays. The biologically oriented approach to amalgam restoration in the dental suite includes treatment under a rubber dam for isolating the teeth, siphoning off and filtering the mercury-contaminated exhaled air and drilling with minimal heat generation. Oxygen is also administered to bind with the mercury in addition to concomitant natural remedies. An amalgam-free masticatory system is a prerequisite for successfully discharging mercury deposits from the body.