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Treatment - Beckenhof Dental Practice - ZurichYour oral health is very important to us: holistic thinking and action determine the treatment methods at our dental practice in Zurich. We consider our primary task to be bridging the gap between the natural health and aesthetic look of your teeth with, if possible, painless treatments. We offer a broad range of treatment methods for this.

Trust our expertise – with us, you are in good hands!

Modern equipment - digital X-ray

Digital X-rays - Beckenhof Dental Practice - ZurichThe Beckenhof Dental practice in Zurich is fully digital. A central server is connected to the interlinked individual workstations. A digital X-ray system, a digital intraoral camera (the camera is so small it can be easily inserted into the mouth), and a digital SLR camera make us paperless and helps when communicating with other specialists.

We don't just use technology for the sake of it. But it is always very welcome when you can work more efficiently thanks to the latest inventions. Digital radiography integrates smoothly into the work routine of the practice. The X-ray image appears in high resolution in real time on the monitor at the dental chair, with no darkroom or loss of time. Thanks to state-of-the-art radiation technology and the latest sensors, patientsexposure to radiation is minimal. Compared with conventional analogue radiation systems, the reduction in radiation is as high as 90%.

Modern equipment - intraoral camera

Modern equipment - intraoral cameraUse of an intraoral camera is essential in a modern dental practice. An intraoral camera makes it possible to have larger views of all positions in the mouth.

The smallest injury and damage can be detected. The situation can be assessed with you directly on the screen and advice given while you are lying in a relaxed position. The images we take with the camera are displayed on the screen in an enlarged form.

The intraoral camera with its integrated light source is no larger than a dental mirror. It delivers high-resolution, full-screen images of youroral cavity, which you can see "live" on a monitor directly where you are being treated. This means you can get an idea of the condition of your teeth yourself. The images can be saved with the other patient data and enable treatment to be clearly documented.

These images supplement the X-ray images and make it easier for the dentist to diagnose the potential problem and compile the treatment plan that may be required.

Modern recall system

Modern recall system - Beckenhof Dental Practice - ZurichYou are very busy and in need of efficient time management? We help you to plan your time wisely!

We will be happy to call you as part of our recall system, write you a postcard, email or letter, or simply send a text message to your mobile phone.

Quality standards

Quality standards - Beckenhof Dental Practice - ZurichAs a dental practice, we provide special services in an area with high quality standards. The prerequisite for this is a medically very systematically structured and also well-organised approach. This is precisely the same concept of quality assurance that we already know nowadays in many other areas.

Hence it made sense for us to also introduce systematic internal quality management from the outset. It includes defining and writing down the relevant procedures for all processes under normal circumstances. This not only creates order, but also makes for an easy start for new team members. It furthermore ensures that it is not necessary to "reinvent the wheel" on a daily basis  – a prerequisite, as a specialist team, for continuing to improve.

For our patients, quality management is demonstrated principally in efficient time management as part of the treatments that we offer.

The Beckenhof Dental Practice team in Zurich looks forward to hearing from you!